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What is FOSH Gaited Sport Horses? 

A one of a kind program to recognize and honor the talents and abilities of all gaited horses.  FOSH Gaited Sport Horses is about appreciating the talents and accomplishments of these equine athletes and promoting the gaited horse’s ability to participate in all equine sport disciplines.


The first section of the FOSH Gaited Sport Horse – FOSH Gaited Distance Program – will be in launched 2013.  It will honour and reward gaited horses competing in veterinarian sanctioned Endurance, Limited Distance and Competitive Trail Rides.

The next section launched will be FOSH Gaited Dressage.  The first comprehensive Manual for Gaited Dressage was published by FOSH in 2009.  The FOSH Gaited Dressage program will honor and reward gaited horses competing in Dressage competition.  Dressage Tests for gaited horses are available for both English and Western Disciplines.

Recognizing and embracing ongoing change in people and horses, FOSH recognizes and provides a place in the FOSH Gaited Sport Horse for the new sport of Gaited Equine Agility.  Gaited horses compete with non gaited horses in this exciting new sport and the gaited horses will be recognized by FOSH.

In the future, FOSH intends to develop programs to recognize and honor gaited horses who compete in other equine sports such as Jumping, Cross Country, Three Phase Events, Gymkhana events, Obstacle Driving etc.

If you own a gaited horse, the door is open to your equine partner becoming a FOSH Gaited Sport Horse!



FOSH and NAWD Announce Partnership

Friends of Sound Horses (FOSH) and North American Western Dressage (NAWD) announce their partnership to promote and encourage the sound and humane training and exhibition of gaited horses in Western Dressage. Beginning in 2017, members of each or ganization will be offered a complimentary membership in the other organization. Another major component of the relationship is that the virtual dressage tests submitted by those riding gaited horses will be judged by individuals dually licensed with the FOSH Independent Judges Association and NAWD.

FOSH and NAWD have enjoyed partnership and reciprocal promotion since 2015. They have many similarities, the greatest being that they are both focused on education as a tool to improve the lives of our equine partners. Equine welfare is a top priority for both organizations, and they continually seek new ways to utilize the power of technology to keep education affordable for all equestrians. Reciprocal membership is only one way that they are strengthening thei r bond in 2017– stay tuned for more exciting announcements including a big event for August, 2017!



About Friends of Sound Horses

FOSH is a non-profit organization and is the only international organization dedicated to the promotion of the sound gaited horse emotionally, mentally and physically. Since 1998, FOSH has promoted fair competition through its IJA program (Independent Judges’ Association). FOSH provides educational resources and promotes h umane training practices. For more information about FOSH or to become a member, or at (FOSH).


About North American Western Dressage

North American Western Dressage (NAWD) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating horse enthusiasts about the universal benefits of Western dressage and providing fun, affordable ways to participate in this popular new sport. NAWD offers a variety of programs. Six Feet on the Ground groundwork tests, traditional Western Dressage, Western Dressage Trail and Ranch Horse Western Dressage, and Pre-Intro Western Dressage for even the youngest exhibitors as well as virtual coaching and showing opportunities, achievement awards and more. Learn more about NAWD at and at


One year ends and another year begins

To be eligible for the 2016 FOSH Gaited Distance Awards, all submissions must be received by end of January. Award recipients will be contacted by the end of February and official announcement will be published in the Sound Advocate and on the FOSH Websites.

As 2017 approaches, it is time to renew your membership in FOSH and entry into the FOSH Gaited Distance Program. The fee for the Gaited Distance Program is waived for 2017. In order to participate in the program in 2017, you must renew your FOSH membership.

FOSH membership can be renewed for $30 via PayPal or by cheque. Membership may be renewed through any of the FOSH websites. Your membership includes electronic delivery of the Sound Advocate.

FOSH membership can be renewed for $30 via PayPal or by cheque. Your membership includes electronic delivery of the Sound Advocate.

As more gaited horses participate in the sport of distance riding, we anticipate growth in the FOSH Gaited Distance Program.

Thank you for your support of FOSH and sound gaited horses!



FOSH Gaited Sport Horse Programs

Why Should I Participate in FOSH Gaited Sport Horse Programs?  

Convince Me

What a great question. Most of us are involved with a variety of organizations each of which requires the expenditure of money. I am grateful that you asked the question as it gives me the opportunity to examine my reasons for helping develop the program and consider why others should find the FOSH Gaited Sport Horse Program appealing and why they may consider joining.

Brief History

When FOSH was founded in 1998,an alternative competitive program for gaited horses was developed. This alternative program comprised a rule book for gaited horses with an emphasis on sound and natural. The standards were high but FOSH   Read More…



FOSH Announces Recognition Program for Gaited Horses Competing in Dressage

October 14, 2013

Friends of Sound Horses announces the launch of an all new, annual Dressage for Gaited Horses program that recognizes, records and rewards accomplishments of the gaited horse in dressage competitions.

The reward program is open to all breeds of gaited horses that are at least 48 months of age. Scores from gaited horse dressage tests judged by licensed judges will be tracked. Recognized gaited horse tests include those published by FOSH, International Judges’ Association, Western Dressage Association of America, National Walking Horse Association, North America Western Dressage Association, and Cowboy Dressage.

Awards will be for Two Gait tests, Introductory Level tests, Training Level tests, and First Level tests in English, Western or Cowboy Dressage. The program is open to FOSH members and runs January through December. Complete rules will be published at after October 1.

FOSH is a national leader in the promotion of natural, sound gaited horses and actively fights against abuse and soring of Tennessee Walking Horses.  To become a member of FOSH and help in its efforts to fight soring or for more information about FOSH, please visit